Spring 2017 Manager Application

Volunteer to Make a Difference!

We are currently seeking volunteer team managers for the Spring 2017 season. This is one of the most important volunteer positions at CMALL. As a team manager you are the direct representative of the league and the most visible. Often a player’s experience is most influenced by the manager. Because of the importance of this position, we have instituted a formal application process. This application form is the first step.

Applications will be reviewed by our selection committee. If you have managed at CMALL previously, we will also review the scores and comments from the end of season surveys. We may also contact references or conduct an interview if necessary. Our ultimate goal is find the best possible managers to lead our teams and represent the league.

Applicants will need to register in our registration system as a team manager (need to provide driver’s license and social security info) and submit to a background check. Once selected, managers will also need to attend any required manager meetings and training sessions. If you have any questions regarding the process please contact us.

We thank you in advance for your volunteering to make a difference in the lives of the youth of our community! Please complete the application form below.

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