2017 Hit-a-Thon Sponsored by Trojan Home Loans

Swing For the Fences!!!


On Sat Feb 25th, Costa Mesa American Little League will be holding it’s 2nd Annual Hit-a-Thon fundraising event sponsored by Trojan Home Loans. This is our largest fundraiser of the year. The money raised helps us to keep our league registration fees affordable, maintain our baseball fields, and provide quality uniforms and equipment for our players.  The hit-a-thon is a fun community event and last year’s was a huge success!

Trojan Home Loans Referral Program

During the 2017 Season, our event sponsor, Trojan Home Loans, will donate $1,000.00 directly to CMALL for each refinance or purchase loan they close from a CMALL referral. If you are interested and would like more information, please complete the inquiry form on this page http://www.trojanfs.com/cmall.

Online Fundraising Platform

To make collecting pledges easier than ever we have enlisted the services of 99pledges. Each player will have their own personal pledge page. You will receive an email invite to your page or you may visit https://99pledges.com/fund/cmall2017 and search for your player.

By using 99pledges this allows you to reach out to friends and family across the world via email and social media. The site also allows your sponsors to pledge via credit card using a secure site!

What to do Next

To make your fundraising campaign as successful as possible take these steps:
● Send emails to 10 of your closest friends and family right away!
● Make your donation immediately. This will encourage others to donate as well.
● Post to Facebook and Twitter (adding a picture or video message works really well).

How it Works

Each player will receive 10 pitches (Tball players will get 10 swings off the tee). The hits will be recorded and entered onto each player’s pledge page. Pledges will be automatically deducted at that time based on the number of hits. All players will receive credit for a minimum of 5 hits, with a 10 hit maximum.


There are several ways to earn prizes including:
● The player who raises the most money!
● The 2 players with the most home runs!
● The top fundraisers in each division!
● The team who raises the most money!
● The team manager whose team raises the most money will also receive a prize!


For questions regarding the Hit-a-Thon please contact us. If you bought out of fundraising at registration you are not required to participate in this event, but may do so if you like. Thank you for your support and we hope to see you on the field on February 25th beginning at 9am!

Hit-a-Thon Sponsors

Costa Mesa American Little League is a non-profit youth sports organization. We require the support of our local community to provide the best possible experience for our players and their families. There are several ways to sponsor this event including:

  • Special Event Title Sponsor $1,500
  • Special Event Presenting Sponsor w/Banner $500
  • Special Event Presenting Sponsor (no banner) $250
  • Product/Service/Gift Card donations are also accepted (to be used as prizes)

We thank you in advance for your support! If you have questions regarding sponsorships or donations, please contact us. For further sponsorship opportunities visit our Sponsorhip Info page.

This Year’s Sponsors:
Hit-a-Thon sponsors

Hit-a-Thon Fundraiser FAQ

Will we be selling cookie dough this coming Spring season?
No, last year we have switched over from selling cookie dough to a hit-a-thon for our main fundraiser.

Why did we switch over to a hit-a-thon style fundraiser?
The switch was made due to a number of responses on previous years’ surveys mentioning that the cookie dough was tough to sell for a number of reasons including cost and difficulty in pick-up and delivery of a perishable item.

Why a hit-a-thon?
We were looking for something simple that allowed players the possibility to collect smaller dollar amounts (if desired) from a potentially larger pool. Since there is no fixed cost or perishable items to deliver, players can now collect donations from friends and relatives regardless of where they live. We also felt that hit-a-thon would help build a sense of community amongst the league by creating a fun event for all to enjoy.

How will players collect money?
Each player will have their own web page that they can share via email or social media. Donations can be made through the website via credit or debit card. Players will also have the option of collecting cash or check donations and submitting manually.

How much will each player need to raise?
Every player is required to raise a minimum of $75. If families would rather not raise the money, they have the option of buying out at registration by paying the $75 up front.

May players still participate in the hit-a-thon if they buy out?
Yes, players may still participate in the hit-a-thon if they desire.

When is the hit-a-thon scheduled for?
The hit-a-thon is scheduled for Saturday February 25th, 2017 beginning at 9am. Please mark the date on your calendar!

Why do we need a fundraiser at all?
Fundraisers allow us to keep our registration fees low and give families an opportunity to raise the additional funds via donations if desired. Families always have the opportunity to buy out if they wish to not participate in the fundraiser.


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